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Building a Boat in Paradise


•Title: Building a Boat in Paradise •Translator: Heather Curnow •Poet: Zubaidah Djohar •Publisher: INSISTPress •ISBN: 978-602-0857-04-6 •Edition: 2nd, August 2015 •Dimension: 12 x 17 cm; 67 pages •Text Language: English 


“Despite the anguish, outraged cries and occasional despair, however, the underlying tone of Building a Boat in Paradise is one of resilience and hope for a better Aceh. More importantly, Zubaidah also relentlessly demands that we deal with ‘historical wounds’, borrowing Chakrabarty’s term for mis-recognition of an unsettling past in public representation.” Amrih Widodo, Australian National University ***


About This Book: Building a Boat in Paradise is an unique literary collaboration between two women: Zubaidah Djohar, a poet, researcher and humanitarian activist from Aceh, Indonesia, and Heather Curnow, a Tasmanian writer, curator and translator. It tells the stories of many Acehnese women during and after the armed conflict between the Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM) and the Government of Indonesia.

Source: http://blog.insist.or.id/insistpress/?p=14107&lang=en